Writing for the little ones, why do I love it?


My knack for rhymes and word playing was, I think, inherited from my grandmother Inês, commonly known as “Vóvó”, by her grandchildren.

901141_10153049750360411_770199971_oShe’s an elegant lady, who smokes and loves to drink wine and various expresso cups a day. Above of all, my grannie has what I can say it is the most astonishing memory I have ever come across in my life. And she’s 88, mind you. She will recite, as she puffs away the smoke, whilst we talk about the old days in her kitchen, some poems she wrote for my parents’ wedding or my aunt’s graduation, which she hasn’t even seen written in many decades! As she can’t read no longer after a car crash accident when she was still a young mother.

Going back to the art of rhOld-pianoymes, I noticed that this… skill, if you may call it, started to manifest in myself when I wrote birthday cards for my friends and lovers on my first years in London. I became bilingual fairly quickly and the fluidity in words naturally happened. I understood why. It also had to do with my background in music education and piano. The rhythm was there.

In addition, I realised that not only I loved to rhyme, but I loved to LOL. That’s right: Laugh Out Loud. And ROL: Roll Out Laughing. So my “poems” were intended to make the reader laugh, or at least smile. I realised I loved being ridiculous, and silly, but not in an idiotic way… just plain silly. How fortunate are we to giggle with our friends? Shame the phase doesn’t normally last long and we become too serious. We become serious adults instead of embracing the child in us. Life becomes way too serious. So, writing for children allows me to become a very silly fortunate person. Again!

You may order a personalised story for the little ones by clicking on the links below. Enjoy and be silly!





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